Thomas Payne Wine Glass Holder
Thomas Payne Wine Glass Holder

Thomas Payne Wine Glass Holder

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Calling all wine aficionados! No need to worry about spilling your vino in the RV - our specially designed stemmed wine glass holder pairs flawlessly with Thomas Payne® Seismic Series Furniture. Just insert it into your Thomas Payne Power Port and enjoy a secure and stylish way to sip on your favorite wine while relaxing on the road.


  • EASY TO ATTACH — All you have to do is plug the wine glass holder into your Thomas Payne® Power Port to create a secure place to set your stemmed wine glass
  • SECURE HOLD — With this wine caddy, you can use your favorite stemmed wine glass and have a place for it to sit between sips. Unlike most cupholders, this RV accessory is specifically designed to hold wine or stemmed glasses, so you don’t have to worry about them tipping or spilling
  • COMPATIBLE WITH THOMAS PAYNE — This wine glass holder is unique to Thomas Payne Seismic Furniture Series— plugging directly into the Thomas Payne Power Port, so you can enjoy even more relaxation inside your RV