Heavy Duty 5th Wheel RV Cover

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  • Heavy Duty Fabric - Anti-UV composition upgraded from 3% to 4% increase anti-UV performance by 25% so you don’t have to worry about disintegration by the sun. 5-ply top fabric mixed with PE cover, anti-UV composition, and 3-ply side fabric is much tearing-resistant than other covers, protecting your RV during the off-season, keeping it out of the weather if you have to park it outside. Fits 5th Wheel RV 31’1”-34’, Size: 414"L* 108"W* 126"H /  Fits 5th Wheel RV 37’1”-40’, Size: 486"L* 108"W* 126"H / Fits 5th Wheel RV 40’1”-43’6”, Size: 522"L* 108"W* 126"H
  • Wind-proof & Tearing-resistant - 8 PCs inner straps at the bottom reduce the possibility of tearing the cover from the side panel. And the double-layer stitching design of straps prevents the straps from falling off. Elasticized and thickened hem corner, adjustable front and rear tension panels, and 2 PCs reinforcement straps make the cover fit well and snugly so that nothing is going to be flapping around in the wind.
  • Humanized Design - Included 4 PCs gutter spout covers with inner sponge protect the cover from any sharp corner and keep it intact. 2 PCS Weighted toss-bag help you tie the straps that go from one side to the other beneath the RV. 4 reflective strips at the front and rear tension panels avoid collisions and ensure your safety at night.
  • Ventilation& Zip Entrance - 6 Air vents enhance the airflow along the roofline on both sides of the cover, balancing the air pressure inside and outside the cover on a windy day. 3 zippers at the side panel are able to roll up and provide access to check internal situations anytime. We added padding under the zipper, so you don’t have to worry that the zipper will scratch your RV.