Edison Light Stick
Edison Light Stick

Edison Light Stick

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A unique item, this vintage-inspired, 100% aluminum light stick is an outdoor lantern and emergency flashlight in one. It is the most multi-purpose and compact light in our collection. Dual lighting options make it ideal for camp or a luxury backpacking item: light up your tent with the lantern and head down the trail with the flashlight. Clip it on your travel bag with the added strap, or store it in your emergency kit.

Flexible lantern LED rope is a warmer, softer light ideal for reading or card games, while the flashlight is a cooler LED ideal for food prep or utilizing as a direct light source. Light Stick offers seven different lighting modes to create the perfect illumination or ambiance. Aluminum feels comfortable in hand, while copper and leather accents add a premium quality. Beautiful and eye-catching, this Light Stick could be displayed indoors as a conversation piece.

Power the Edison Light Stick in three ways: USB-C to a wall source, USB-C to a portable charging source, and via the  LI-ON battery that recharges internally. An additional included USB-C port allows external charge, such as a phone from the Light Stick. The lantern runs for over 40 hours on low and 4.5 hours on high and the flashlight runs for over 70 hours on low and 7 hours on high.


  • 4.25" x 1.75" x 1.75"