3 Pack Waterproof RV Hose Bag Organizer w/ Rubber Identification Tags For Fresh, Grey & Black Water Hoses

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  • KEEP YOUR RV LIFE ORGANIZED - Any RVer will know how difficult it is to keep all your gear and accessories organized while on the road, especially when you’re constantly setting up and packing in. Our premium RV hose bags are made from high-quality polyurethane material with a strong drawstring and convenient grab handle so you can quickly pack up your cables and hoses and get on with your trip.
  • WATERPROOF LINER & BREATHABLE MESH - When putting your hoses away for storage, you’ll notice that there is always water that remains in the hose. The interior liner of our bags are fully waterproof so you won’t need to deal with gross and soggy bags when putting them away for storage. The top half of the bag is made from a super-strong breathable mesh to allow any excess water or liquid to evaporate, ensuring a mold-free environment for your hoses.
  • FITS UP TO 100 FT HOSES AND CORDS - Our bag dimensions are 16 inches x 10 inches giving you plenty of space for even the longest of hoses. There’s even room to store your electrical cable adapters, RV dog bones, surge protectors, and more.
  • UNIQUE RUBBER IDENTIFICATION TAGS - Our large and colorful identification tags allow you to easily spot and differentiate your bags. This is especially helpful when you’re reaching deep into your pass-through storage for the right cable, or when you just want to know that you have packed everything up on your way to your next trip. Not only are these tags large for anyone to easily read, you can also identify them by color. We’ve got you covered!