RV Keyless Entry Door Lock & Two Remote Fobs

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  • METAL MATERIAL & IP65 WATERPROOF - The shell, door handle, and lock cylinder are all made of metal, have passed the tensile test, anti-collision, and will not damage the lock when hit. The RV Handle Latch is IP65 waterproof, and dustproof, and can offer you better security to protect your family and possessions. The keypad equipped with a back-lit allows easy entry in the dark.
  • THREE UNLOCKING METHODS - Our compact lock comes with a variety of useful features, there is no need for you to bring keys when you leave your RV. In addition to unlocking via password, there are also two other unlocking methods: remote fob or mechanical key. The package comes with two mechanical keys, two remote controllers, without interference, and up to 20M/65ft wireless control distance.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - The thickness suitable for the door is 36mm-40mm (1.41"-1.57"). Suitable for RVs, trucks, travel trailers, bumper pull, and campers. Installation only takes 10min, after installation, you can reset the password. If you forget the password, please use pointing tools to point the "code rest" button (on the back of the lock) for 5-10 seconds, the sound After sending out, it will be restored to the factory password 1234, after which you can set your own password.
  • LOW BATTERY REMINDER - It's powered by 4 AA batteries (1 1.5V, total 6V, 4.2V below alarm) (Not included). When the battery power is too low, the lock will sound an alarm to remind you the battery needs to be replaced. When the battery dies, you could also use the key-fob or mechanical key that comes with the package to unlock it.